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  2. Bringing the maker mindset to students

Bringing the maker mindset to students

As students desire a more practical approach to their studies, a maker workshop was developed at the TU Dortmund University / Chair of Materials Handling and Warehousing (FLW) to provide students with a better understanding of existing systems and techniques.

“ … We must make, create, and express ourselves to feel whole … “ (The Maker Movement Manifesto). It’s about old arts and crafts, but by adding in electronics and programming, it becomes a real source of innovation. The access barrier to highly complex digital tools has become very low, and typical maker projects can be implemented with relatively little effort. By sharing experiences with other makers, the student who becomes the new maker can benefit. Building on previous work and knowledge, students can focus on their own creativity. The workshop at the FLW is designed to stimulate interest in applied electrical engineering and programming. Creating direct experiences, the workshop makes a sustainable way of learning possible…